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The Abarth Rally Cup will run in conjunction with the FIA European Rally Championship in 2019, bringing together the hugely exciting one-make series and the leading regional competition promoted by Eurosport Events under a long-term agreement with motorsport’s world governing body.

2019 FIA European Rally Championship and Latvian Rally Championship round Rally Liepāja will contain the best stages of the region – the so called “golden fund” of Latvian rallying. Next year’s route is significantly expanded, going from Talsi to Liepāja and giving the participants an opportunity to enjoy the best Latvian stages, with the spectators getting the chance to see the European Rally Championship drivers fight to be the fastest from the best spectator areas in Latvia. Rally Liepāja will take place on May 24-26, 2019.

Today, the FIA European Rally Championship (FIAERC) calendar* was published, with Rally Liepāja being included for the seventh time. The first three Latvian FIAERC events (2013-2015) took place in winter, followed by three autumn events (2016-2018), but the 2019 Rally Liepāja will take place in the spring, from May 24 to 26.

Rally Liepāja concluded today in Dinsdurbe, Paplaka, Vecpils and Podnieki, serving as the final round of the FIA European Rally Championship and Latvian Rally Championship seasons. Sports Racing Technologies driver Nikolay Gryazin managed to hold onto his lead, winning the Junior U28 title and finishing runner-up in the overall standings of the European championship. Today’s Latvian Rally Championship round was won by Eurolamp World Rally Team driver Valerii Gorban.

Nr. Name Length Date Start time
SSQS LATVIA-100 (Dunalka) 3,02 km 12.10.2018 15:30
SS1 NESTE 1 (Pērbone) 10,81 km 13.10.2018 10:00
SS2 LDZ CARGO 1 (Laidi) 21,95 km 13.10.2018 10:30
SS3 RAMIRENT (Upītes) 21,89 km 13.10.2018 11:50
SS4 NESTE 2 (Pērbone) 10,81 km 13.10.2018 15:45
SS5 LDZ CARGO 2 (Laidi) 21,95 km 13.10.2018 16:15
SS6 ŠKODA (Vilgāle) 24,14 km 13.10.2018 17:35
SS7 CANON BIZNESA CENTRS - IB SERVISS (Dinsdurbe) 6,53 km 14.10.2018 10:00
SS8 SIXT rent a car 1 (Paplaka) 18,35 km 14.10.2018 10:45
SS9 SIXT rent a car 2 (Paplaka) 18,35 km 14.10.2018 12:20
SS10 PORT OF LIEPAJA (Vecpils) 15,77 km 14.10.2018 14:50
SS11 LOC (Podnieki) 10,29 km 14.10.2018 15:40
SS12 LIEPĀJA (Vecpils) 24,99 km 14.10.2018 16:30